Monday, September 13, 2010

Urine testing

We have had a bit of hiccup this cycle with me being sick right in the middle of my fertile period.  Rather annoying being sick at the best of times, let alone right now!

I've been monitoring my basal temperature for the last couple of weeks.  At this stage there is no indication that I have ovulated yet.  And I am now on Day 18.

D came home this morning from getting me some cold remedies and was very excited.  He found a urine ovulation testing kit for $20 and is excited to give it a go.  I've looked at urine testing before and kept away from it for two reasons - each kit only has 5 tests and with my irregular cycles that it makes it really hard to know when to be testing - and they always cost around $70 for each month.  Far too expensive when the 'when' to test is too unknown.

Yet, here is one for twenty bucks.  And it came with a pregnancy test as well.  We are going to use this one, in conjunction with the basal testing and see if we can get a better idea on my ovulation.  it was so nice to see D so excited about it!

We did the first test before he went to work and it came up negative.  So we will continue for the next 4 days and see what happens both with the urine and the basal.  Should be interesting!

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