Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sick = no conception

D took me to the doctor yesterday.  Turns out I have a bronchial infection, not just a mere cold.  No wonder I have been getting worse instead of better.   But I'm on antibiotics now, so things will start improving.

The disadvantage of course, is that it is highly unlikely that we will conceive this month.  Queen Naturo told us right at the beginning that if I'm sick then the body, in it's fight to clear itself of bad things, will reject any conception as a foreign body.  The doctor also told us the same thing yesterday.

So, this month will be another wipeout.

The positive aspect of this though, is that I will be able to have champagne at our engagement party in two weeks time!!  Woohoo!

We did talk to the doctor again about the fact that we still aren't pregnant and I was surprised to discover that my fertility doctor had sent her a letter with a report on us.  It was interesting to read.  It didn't say anything I didn't already know but it was interesting to read her summary.


I was frustrated to read that she said she had recommended IUI as well as IVF.  She might have recommended it, but she certainly didn't offer it because she told me that her clinic does not do IUI.  I remember this clearly because I wanted to go down that path first before IVF and might even have been willing to give it a go right there and then.  Except they didn't offer it!  I was annoyed by that.  But nevermind, I would rather go with a different clinic and OB anyway.

Our health care waiting period runs out in 2 months.  Then if we still aren't pregnant we can go down that path.  The doctor recommended that we start looking around for a good OB now.  I think she was pleased that will be going down the private path instead of the public system.  While she didn't say it, obviously, I got the feeling she thinks that is a better way to go.

So, it will be on to our friend who is a nurse in the private hospital to ask around and find out who will be the best OB for us to get.  She then might be able to ensure that we can get in with him/her.

And we continue moving forward...


  1. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. But, don't consider yourself down for the count yet. I am 100% certain that I conceived my son Luigi when I had the flu - a fever and everything. So, it is possible. And, even if it doesn't happen this month, it will. Hang in there!

  2. Glad you went to the Dr. Get well soon. Always remember ... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

  3. I'm so sorry that you're not well, that sucks regardless if you were ttc or not. Regardless, I would try this month Annie, I think the body does what it does, it's a miracle really.

    The party sounds lovely have fun.

  4. Well that's no fun! Get well soon. And as always, best wishes in making decisions. You and D have had lots to make. You must have a strong relationship. Continued blessings. :)

  5. Hi, I was looking at the blogs and came to yours, is almost 3 am here in Hawaii where I live, english is not my first language this can be a disaster but I want to tell you my story briefly. I`m now 43 with and my daughter is 14 month old, after 4 and + years of trying,we have her. Named it and i did it, ivf, iui, miscarriages, reading 5 books at the same time, searching in the internet for the answer I now know a lot, haha. after my last miscarriage we wait longer than 3 month to try again I sat my husband and looked at his eyes and ask him to do 50% also, I was doing, for obvious reason 70, 80 90 %, readings, appointments, dates was too much for my head, after that we went to see a "chinese dr" this was china town herbal please in Oakland, CA our home at the time, he gave us after consultation, a tea, a lot of dry herbs to make a tea, my husband that month, cause I asked him, stop riding his bike, he can ride for hours, stop bikram yoga, drinking only wine 1 or 2 glasses not more, I read what can boost sperm, our eggs won't get younger but their eggs can get stronger, I learnt that. The first month I tried I conceived my beautiful Tess Isabella, maybe was a coincidence, maybe was all what we did for 4 years I forgot to mention we did the classes that is required for public adoption, legs up, month after month apparently nothing was wrong with pregnancy was amazing.
    I have a blog but it is in spanish, you can see her there,
    This acupuncturist/herbalist send the herbs to different countries, I asked him for a friend of mine
    sorry for the length, and my english, hahah
    all the love to you, another after 40 's mom!

  6. You made the right choice


  7. Hi Annie. Just visiting to wish you a peacful and fulfilling new year!

  8. Thank you Anita. All the best to you as well for the upcoming year.