Friday, July 30, 2010

The wait is over

Well, the two week wait is over and the test was negative.  Four days later my new cycle started.  I couldn't wait for it to begin, so I could enjoy a glass of wine!  I still wasn't going to drink just in case the test was wrong.  But Wednesday came and Wednesday night the sound of a bottle cracking open was enjoyed by my ears for the first time in over a month!

I was feeling hopeful about this cycle for a few days.  I went to my weekly acupuncture appointment and when he felt my pulse he said there was something different about it.  Apparently, a pre-menstrual pulse feels different to a conceived pulse, and mine felt different than usual to him.  He wasn't committing to anything of course, but he told me to wait a couple of days and then do a test.  Which is what I did.  Lucky he didn't commit to anything!!



On Wednesday, I also had my appointment with my ayuvedic masseuse.  It was another good appointment.  A lot of what he did last time had held in my body and he was really pleased especially to see that my hips had stayed open and I was laying flat on the table, not slightly out of alignment.  This is an important one for fertility so I was really pleased to have maintained that. 

My energy had also stayed in alignment and my balance was good.  As a result, he was able to look further into my body.  According to him, my uterus was inflamed so he  worked on that.  I did ask him how much that could be because I was on Day 1.  And while that does affect it, it was not the sole reason.

He doesn't think I am far off being able to conceive.  I see him again in a month.  Every little bit helps.  But I am hoping that his work with him will make a big difference.

I go for acupuncture again today plus a painful massage treatment!  I put my back out last week, so I made the appointment longer to get some treatment on it.  It feels almost better now so this last treatment should do the trick!

Of course I am disappointed to be starting another cycle but it just seems to be part of the course of life now and I'm moving on.  Had we conceived this time though, we would have been able to announce our pregnancy at our engagement party in 2 months time!  That would have been fun!  Nevermind.  On to the next!


  1. You are one brave and gutsy Woman, Annie. I'm really not sure I could go through what you are experiencing. It's courageous! Take care of yourself, and enjoy that glass of wine! xx

  2. Thanks Donna. I certainly don't see myself as courageous though. So many woman go through this. People used to say that about me when I was going through the dating scene as well. That they couldn't do it. But I think you just do in your life what it is that needs doing. I needed to hit the dating scene to find a partner. Now I need to go through lots of cycles of trying to get pregnant in order to have a baby. You just do!!

    What you are doing is incredibly courageous Donna! Everytime I read your updates I amazed at how much you do on your own. You are heading to your dream, living your life and you go through the steps you need to go through to get there!

  3. Thanks Annie. That felt very nice. Still think you are the big COURAGEOUS! I'd love to hit the dating scene. How did you do that?? Mind you, I am 64! I tried the web sites - didn't work for me. What will be will be. Take care. xx

  4. Well, I did the websites. Had some interesting experiences but it wasn't ever right. Then I started a bushwalking group and D came along to that! I am so glad we met doing some that we both love and that it wasn't through the internet. xx

  5. I do think that is the best way to meet someone. Through a common interest. At least you have a place to begin and see where it goes.

  6. Sorry to hear that another cycle has come and gone, but keep thinking positively. I'm convinced that positive thinking is the most important thing. Keeping my fingers crossed that this next month is the one for you.

  7. Sorry Annie, I was holding my breath for you. Lady D is right, you are courageous...

    Love and hugs.

  8. I'm disappointed...but it's not about how I feel, is it?

    Keep following your heart; you are such a patient person. Maybe after you expereince the joy of your wedding, you can think about other alternatives, or...keep doing what you're doing.

    Still cheering for you!

  9. Hey you, sorry I haven't been around lately, just now taking a few minutes to catch up with everyone. Summer has been so busy with company and travelling ourselves.

    Thanks for the updates and congratulations on that engagement :)