Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Acupuncture and conception

I had my first acunpuncture appointment last week. Not my first ever, my first one to help us conceive. L is an amazing acupuncturist etc and always helps heal whatever symptoms we have.

He has worked with many women over 40 to help them become pregnant and has had success in all cases. He and S (Naturo Queen!) have a 100% success rate. He has had women come to him after up to 7 unsuccessful IVF sessions and within a few cycles, conception has been achieved after receiving acupuncture. Awesome!

He has suggested that D come and see him as well as he can help with both sides of the fertility angle and ensure that everything is working optimally.

I will be seeing him once a week for this cycle and then we will see where things are. With any luck that's all that we will need! :)

He needled me for a few things. One was to completely clean out my womb, so a whole new fresh lining can begin to form. As a result, my current period is now 7 days long! It's been very light these last couple of days though and I'm grateful knowing that the old is being completely released and cleansed ready for the new! It's amazing to see the affects of just one treatment.

He also did a point to help the egg travelling properly down the fallopian tube, a point to keep me happy and stress free, a point to help me eat well and I think another to assist a generally healthy reproductive cycle.

It's encouraging to be feeling the affects of it already and I am looking forward to my next treatment in 2 days time.


  1. Wow, fascinating stuff you're going through! I hope you're visualizing...sounds like you are.
    Blessings...keep blogging.

  2. Acunpuncture has always been an area of interest for me. Maybe, one day I will try it. Thanks for sharing.