Tuesday, March 22, 2016

16 weeks and kinesiology

16 weeks and still pregnant!

I had another doppler scan on Friday and there was still a heartbeat, so things are looking good!

I also had another kinesiology session where we connected with bubs and found out how things were for him/her.  I just flipped through my previous posts and realised that I hadn't talked about the first appointment!

So, I've been seeing a kinesiologist for many years now.  She is an amazing woman who has gradually changed my life!

A few weeks ago, I had my first appointment with this pregnancy and for the first time in any of my pregnancies, we were able to tune into bubs and see what he/she wanted or needed or had to say.  The fact that we could do this was just so amazing to me and really helped me to feel much more secure in the pregnancy.

In this appointment, Carolyn first asked if bubs wanted or needed anything.  All he/she wanted to was to make sure that he/she took on more of Dave's DNA as he/she grew.  Bubs wanted that for us, to ensure that there was more of Dave in him/her than there was of our donor.  I thought that was just the loveliest thing to ask for and to want for us.  What a beautiful, generous soul is our bubs!

In the second appointment. bubs said that he/she was really aware of my fears and tuning into my fears for him/her as well as some other fears in my life.  I wasn't happy about that at all.  I don't want to be putting my fears onto our baby.  I certainly don't want him/her taking them on board.  So, we worked on that in the session and I have continued to work on that ever since.  And when I am feeling those fears I talk to bubbie and make sure he/she understands that this is my thing and he/she is not to take it on board.  That I am working on it and everything is ok.  That he/she is perfectly safe and sound inside my womb.  I think it helps both of us!  :)

The other things bubs needed was more omega 3's.  All other nutrition was fine, but he/she needed more nuts and avocados to help with development.  So, off to the supermarket I went!

I am so grateful to have this wonderful source to be able to help me with my journey through life and to be able to find out if there is anything our baby needs.  It is so incredible.  I know not everyone will believe in it, but for me, I have had years of seeing how it works, how it has made such a difference in my life, physically, emotionally and most amazingly, on a deep spiritual level.  It is an incredible blessing!


  1. I was reading back through old blog posts to support my sister-in-law with postpartum depression. Reading the posts and comments lead me here and I was so excited to see your news. Sending much love. Time to read about kinesiology for myself. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Nicci. So lovely to hear from you. I hope your sil is working through her PPD ok. It is tough one to deal with.
      Are you still blogging yourself?