Friday, February 26, 2016

Finished with artificial hormones!

Over the last two weeks, the fertility clinic has been weaning me off all the artificial hormones I have been taking to help support the pregnancy.  As of three days ago, I am no longer taking anything!

The difference is huge!  I feel so much better.  I know part of it is getting past the 12 week scan and part of it is moving into the second trimester.  But a big part of it, I believe, is no more extra progesterone and estrogen.  I'm not so tired, I can focus on work again and my nausea seems to be a bit better too.

What a relief!  The sense of freedom is huge.  I was on them three times a day for 10 weeks!  Had to lay down for 30 minutes after each dose, then couldn't go to the toilet for at least an hour afterwards.  It is so nice to be able to go to the toilet when I want to!!  lol!

I have one more blood test tomorrow just to make sure the levels are ok without any assistance.  Hopefully everything is fine.


Another day has passed since I wrote the above and I'm getting restless now about bubs.  Its been 5 days since the 12 week scan and some anxiety is creeping back again.  Our next scan is in another 5 days when we see the OB for the results of the nuchal testing etc.

I just have to take each day as it comes and trust that everything is still okay.  I look at the photos and videos from the 12 week scan and that helps.  I feel certain things in my body and that helps.

One day at a time, one scan at a time!

Love and light

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