Friday, March 2, 2012


And so it begins…

We got all the IVF drugs today and will start our first round when I get my period in a few days.

To be absolutely honest, I am absolutely terrified.

I am going through a tough patch now, just with my life.  I am terrified about throwing this into the mix as well.  How am I going to react?  Will it be too much for me?  Will I lose the plot?  Will I end up in a full blown panic attack and in hospital?  That maybe an overreaction, but it is a thought that I truly and honestly feel all the time.

First thing is, I need to try and get on top of things.  I’m just not really sure how to go about that.  Everything I have tried over the last few weeks hasn’t even gotten off the ground.  But from tomorrow and especially from Monday, things need to be radically different.

The nurse said something interesting today.  She said that for every negative thought we have, we need 6 positive thoughts to counteract it.  Which roughly would mean I would need about 200 positive thought a day!  LOL  and a Smile, but true.  It shows just how powerful our negative thoughts are.

She suggested starting a list of positive things to do, when the negativity / despair etc descends.  So Dave and I have put a little plan into action.  We have a grocery shopping app that links to both our phones.  Occasionally we have fun with it and leave each other messages.  Dave is going to do this for me now.  He is going to leave me positive, fun messages to try and help me through this phase I am in.  That in itself is a wonderfully positive thought!  Smile 

As for me, I need to find my own list.  I need to remember that this IVF thing is the most important thing in my life and I need to battle my inner demons with love and positivity in order for things to go well for me, for us and for our future baby.

Here goes!!


  1. Hey Annie,
    I am so excited for you! Here u are hoping to get ur period, and I am hoping I don't lol. YEAH, in my 2 week wait, well the last week of it any way...or at least a few days. I mentioned in a comment b4 abt blood tests, well turns out I have Hypo Thyroid. That was last August. I take one tablet, Thyroxin, everyday, and it has regulated my cycle majorly. But now I am on Clomid again. First time,since bn regular. Enough of me:) You know you have to keep positive, to get a positive:) You have more of an advantage,than some women starting IVF...YOU HAD A POSITIVE NATURALLY. Do as I do Vent in blog land:) Your husband is so supportive MashALLAH. I banned my husband from speaking about TTC, it always gets me down, as I am the guilty one:(. It works tho. Most of the time I am more relaxed about it. So sometimes avoiding the subject is the key:)

  2. When I were trying to get pregnant, (which was just a year before) nothing that I tried would work. Then I forgot about it, and then I got pregnant. So i got the trick, simply forget about it, and go ahead with life. It will soon hit you don't worry. Be sure you keep praying though. You can't go without that..

    Best wishes.
    Mom of 2 month old

  3. Thanks Khedegah. It was good to hear from you. I tried to go to your blog, but couldn't. I know you sent me the link a while ago, but i couldn't find it. Could I get it again?

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  5. Hi Annie, It's exciting times for you and Dave! Anxiety is natural, but stay with your schedule and plan.

    Interestingly, my dental hygenist told me six month ago that she had been trying to get pregnant for a few years. When I went to have my teeth cleaned yesterday, she was! She had one month's dose of the drug to prepare for IVF (is it clomax?) and got pregnant. No IVF for her now.

    Even though that happened for her, I am still a big advocate of doing what you have to, to have your family. So again, hang in there and stick with it. :)