Monday, September 12, 2011

Holidays soon!

We are going holidays in a few weeks.  It’s the first time in nearly four years that we are having an actual ‘holiday’.  We have been away – to Sydney to visit family for Christmas or other events and to our property in the country – but not an actual, nothing else to do, stay in some strange place with nothing to do except what we want to do, and visit new things, holiday.  The last one was only three months into our relationship, can you believe it?! 

It will be so good for us.  Dave is already starting to stress about not being at work for that time, even though his Dad will be in town taking care of things.  He so needs to get away from the business for a while.  But there will still be a daily phone call in the afternoon to make sure things are running smoothly.  However for the first three days, we won’t have any phone reception!  Woohoo!!  He is excited about that.  We should have booked to stay there longer!  Smile 

Of course, if I turn out to have conceived this time around, then will be middle in an isolated area during the critical first few weeks.  And I will miss out on all the hill climbing bushwalking that I love to do.  But we will only be a couple of hours away from a doctor and who cares about the bushwalking and rockclimbing if I’m pregnant!  I’d much rather have that at this stage.

We are halfway through the two week wait.  Once again, I am getting the same sensations as last cycle, which were the same as when I was pregnant.  Our OB appointment isn’t till November.  That was the earliest we could get in.  So, it will be a while to find out what is going on.  Either that, or in a week’s time I will tell you I’m pregnant!   Who knows??!  Lets hope for the latter and then an uneventful relaxing holiday.


  1. Keeping you guys in my thoughts! I could REALLY use a holiday about now!

  2. Thinking of you. Hope you're having fun!